is for you, if you are seeking a greater connection with yourself.

You feel frustrated because no matter what you do, you still feel stuck, unworthy, not enough and lost.

You know there is something more for you out in the World, but you just have no idea as to how to get there or even what it is.


You have a desire deep within you to BeCome You and to break down the social, cultural and familial norms that no longer fit.

You are itching to break down your own walls so you can be seen, heard and be recognised as you truly are.

You desire the confidence to speak out and feel empowered.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Deeply know who you are
  • Know what you are available and unavailable for
  • Speak and Act on your truth
  • Stand by your word
  • Bring your life into balance
  • Trust yourself
  • Wholeheartedly believe you are worthy and good enough
  • Be consistently in tune with your body and energetic field
  • Know that you have a myriad of tools to use when required
  • Embody yourself
  • Be You authentically

I cannot possibly say enough great things about Lauraine and the work we have done together. When we began working together 3 months ago I had completely suppressed myself. I had almost no confidence, didn’t feel like I was connected to myself, my kids, or my partner, and had lost my fire and passion. Over our time together Lauraine has helped me to find myself again, given me the tools I need to trust myself and my decisions, reignited my passion, and unearthed the confidence and hope that had always been within me. Next month I will be hosting my first workshop for the business I created with Lauraine’s steady guidance and can’t wait to start making money doing what I love. I have regained my voice and am using my radical, passionate authenticity to advocate, support, and educate.

Sarah Heim

Registered Dietitian turned LGBTQIA+ sex, kink, and fetish educator

I know what it is like to;

  • constantly give your power away.
  • stay small, quiet, unseen and forgotten.
  • be screaming on the inside but look perfectly okay on the outside.

AND I also know what it is like to;

  • run my life the way I desire
  • be able to speak up and be seen
  • hold my own and feel authentic and heart centred
  • know what I need based on my body’s energies
  • bring my individual self just as I am into all areas of my life

I am here to tell you that there is a way to feel free, to feel empowered and most importantly, to consistently have the confidence to speak your truth, live in your power and live the life you were born to have.

In the space of 4 months, my ex-husband and I divorced, I outed sexual abuse, moved countries and married a woman. These all broke the social and cultural boxes, norms and expectations that were placed on me whilst growing up. 

This was only possible because of the personal work I had done prior to this and now it is my turn to help support, guide and bring you into alignment with who you innately are.

Weekly Face to Face or Zoom calls for 1 hour

Total Investment; $150 per session.

(After initial session together, a minimum of 6 sessions is required)