Breaks illusions, Brings visions of power, No need to prove it, Now is the hour!

Know it, believe it, Great Spirit intercedes, Feeling you, blessing you, Filling all your needs.


–¬†Jamie Sams & David Carson

The Dragonfly is a powerful symbol of change, and changes in the perspective of self-realisation. The magical properties of her beautiful iridescent wings are connected to the unmasking of illusion and discovery of the true self and removing the doubts held on her own identity. This reveals her essence.

Societal Norm teaches us to live outside of our energy. We are conditioned to believe that unless we see something in a physical manner, it does not exist. We are accepted if we keep ourselves in the boxes we grew up in and if we please those around us. This is illusion.

The truth is that we are our energy. Intuition is what we get to live by which is totally unseen and purely felt. Boxes limit all areas of our life and we are not here on this planet at this time to please others.

By embodying the magic of the dragonfly you too can unmask and speak your TRUTH, reclaim your POWER, and step into who you were BORN TO BE


My clients are people who have worked hard to get to where they want to go in life, but are aware that their traumas and negative experiences are holding them back. They are willing and committed to do the healing work required, so that they can get clear on their past, release it and then move towards their goals for life with ease, freedom, confidence and excitement. In a holistic therapuetic and spiritual manner, I work with you on reaching your desires.

  • I work online and face to face, locally and internationally.

In that moment of being born, we imprint the energies of the Universe – balanced and unbalanced. These energies play a part in shaping who we are, influencing our personalities, paths, and experiences in life. When we know what these energies are, we can work with them, rather than against them, allowing us to feel empowered.

  • Full Readings can be done face to face or online. They take around 1.5 to 2 hours and you will leave with a 12+ page PDF

I am an Energy Alchemist and Intuitive Guide.

I have two degrees in psychology and am all about helping you to clearly know your energy, embody yourself and become clear of the blocks that hold you back in life.

A Londoner at heart, and home in Salt Lake City, I love to dance, bake, take risks and play piano.

You can find me at the links below: –

I had the opportunity to attend Lauraine’s Chakra Course and it was extraordinary. I have learned about chakras over the years, however Lauraine takes the chakras to a whole new level. She teaches with great authenticity and great gentle power collaborating the energy that each student brings with fun interaction and inner work. I have learned how to integrate each chakra into my daily life and how to notice when I am out of balance and in alignment. I feel like I could take her course again and again and learn something new each time. Thank you Lauraine! I look forward to the chakra retreat!

Alisha Jones